Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Training recap #2

Sun 11 Jan - no running today. Skating and ski lessons for the girls. I spent about an hour walking up and down the bunny hill. My thighs are a bit sensitive from yesterdays run - walking feels good.
Mon 12 Jan - Intended to do Threshold Intervals today but too busy at work. I'll do them tomorrow.
Tue 13 Jan - 8x800 TI. Felt good. I had to run more than 6 miles to fit them all in with a warm up and cool down. I'll adjust my planned mileage accordingly.
Wed 14 Jan - TT Run. 1 mile warm up followed by 3 miles at 6:50/mi. I was tired afterward and had to get back to work. Skipped the cool down and stretching.
Thu 15 Jan - Well deserved day off - Ate a couple of Big Macs for lunch - feeling tired today. Could be that I woke up several times last night because Jade is afraid of the dark...Funny how bad habits develop so quickly. Will go to bed early tonight.
Fri 16 Jan - 10k race pace. I managed to do 8 km but slowed down to an easy pace for the last 2 km. I just didn't feel good at all. I am fighting off a cold and have started dosing with echinacea to try to beat it but my throat is getting sore and I am feeling chills. I did do some core exercises after the run for about 10 minutes. I will do these at least once per week.
Sat 17 Jan - I had planned to do a long run today but with all the errands (we are in the midst of renovations), I ran out of daylight. I will have to fit it in tomorrow. I did get a good nights sleep though - probably needed it. This program is tougher than I had anticipated, although I read it will get easier by week 4.

Total weekly mileage : 27 km

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