Sunday, March 29, 2009

Training recap week #13

Sun Mar 29 - No run today. Brought the girls skating and started spring cleaning around the house. Played Dance Revolution on the Wii - I am really not good but it is a great workout!

Mon 30 Mar - 9 miles race pace. I still have that nagging knot in my left shoulder. I tried auto-massage and rolling on a tennis ball but it persists. I know this will become a nagging pain in Boston so I will keep working on it every night. Today I did some chin ups and static stretches from the chin up bar to try and reach the muscle. It is a little better but not completely gone yet.

Tue 31 Mar - 6 miles race pace. Shoulder seems a little looser today. I'll keep working at it. I am starting to feel comfortable at race pace. The test is really whether I can sustain it for 3+ hours...I really get hot after just one hour at this pace, so a good hydration strategy will be critical during the marathon.

Wed 1 Apr - April fools! no run today.

Thu 2 Apr - 8 km TT run.  10 km total.  I had to walk for a minute on two occasions.  I think I am getting tired.  I will have to get to bed earlier...

Fri 3 Apr - 6x800 Intervals.  I felt strong running these today and progressively increased my speed at each interval.  I ran the last two km (cool down after the intervals) at just under race pace to bring the total to 10km for the workout then I did some calf and leg stretches.  I looked at the Boston marathon route for the first time today - I got my registrants kit in the mail yesterday - I am really looking forward to this experience....

Sat 4 Apr  - Day off today.  Started spring cleaning in the house.  I have to put some stuff together to ring to the TNT garage sale next weekend.  I also have to look into putting together a learn to run training plan for some of Chantal's work colleagues.  This should be a fun experience and I m looking forward it.

Total weekly mileage : 45 km

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hudson Gazette Article

Here's the article about me that was recently published in the local paper. I find it pretty amazing that she was able to put this together after a 10-minute conversation. Job well done Andrea!

Training recap week #12

Sun 22 Mar - no run today. Took the girls skating then we picked up some breakfast burritos at McD's on the way home. It seems the sausage is a bit spicy for them so I ended up eating more than my share...too bad for me, not. We played outside - it was a gorgeous spring day - and I swept all the winter sand out of our driveway. It actually half-filled the garbage can! I couldn't pick it up afterward, it was so heavy, so I dragged it to the curb. After lunch we played a bit of tennis on the Wii (ChloƩ is pretty good. She managed to find a way to deliver really fast serves and aced me a few times!). In the evening I stretched and massaged my legs. I'm starting to feel that knot in my shoulder much more.

Mon 23 Mar - no run today. I had my first of a series of sports massages instead. Marie-Eve worked her magic on my shoulder and calves. Felt like a million bucks afterward.

Tue 24 Mar - was supposed to do a Q1 training today but I had to drop off and pick up the girls so I worked through lunch instead. Probably a good thing, my throat is sore. I have been taking echinecea for the last couple of days and I think this is the worst it's been since Sunday evening. I stretched while watching TV tonight.

Wed 25 Mar - Nose is still runny but throat isn't sore anymore. I did my 6x800 Intervals today and I felt stronger than ever. Total 8 km. My heart rate didn't even go past zone 4. I am sure I could have gone faster and did more interval but I have to trust the training plan (according to Jack Daniels) so that I can train another day. I am definitely seeing progress though and during my training today I had visions of beating my PR. That's always a good thing! Afterward I did some core exercises and chin ups and headed back to the office.

Thu 26 Mar - 9 miles race pace today. Felt good, did some AIS calf stretches afterward.

Fri 27 Mar - 7 km TT run today (10 km total).  It was hard to keep myself going at this pace.  I had to play mind games to keep going - 5 minutes to sip of water, 50% done, 60% done, 12 minutes to go, etc.  Funny how these tactics actually work.  You would think I owuld know better, but hey, whatever works.  I was happy I pushed through it at the end.

Sat 28 Mar - no run today.  We had a busy social calendar this weekend so I am not feeling guilty about skipping the long runs this week.

Total weekly mileage : 35 km

Monday, March 16, 2009

Training recap week #11

Sun 15 Mar - Long run today. What a gorgeous day it was. After the girls skating practice, I headed out and intended to do my usual long loop but about 3 km in I crossed a fellow runner and recognized my friend Deon (he is training for the Ottawa half marathon). I asked him if he wanted me to run with him and he welcomed the idea. His usual running partner had other obligations so he couldn't make it. We ran together for about an hour and then I continued on my way. At this point, I decided to do most of my loop in the opposite direction so that I had more downhills at the beginning and uphills at the end. This is more like the Boston course and downhill runs can really take their toll if you are not trained to do them. I ran 25 miles in 4 hours which is a very slow pace but in the end, my thighs really got a good workout. I could also feel the fatigue in my groin area (fast twitch pelvic muscles). After I got home I did some stretching (with the help of my daughters) and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Mon 16 Mar - Legs were a little tender this morning but otherwise okay. I ran my 6x800 intervals without a hitch. I need to stretch more, though. Total 10 km.

Tue 17 Mar - St. Patty's day! We were all dressed in green today. I did a short 6 km race pace run before heading home after a meeting-filled day.

Wed 18 Mar - No run today. Had to work. I stretched for 30 minutes while American Idol was on. They really stretch out those elimination shows to the must be agonizing for the participants.

Thu 19 Mar - No run again today. Why are these work crunches so poorly timed? I have to get at least my Q2 9 mile race pace run in before Saturday...I read the story about my running in the Hudson Gazette today - it's pretty funny. I'll post it on the blog tomorrow. Tonight I'll at least stretch some more.

Fri 20 Mar - I had time to do a 6mile race pace run today. I felt good to be running again. Tomorrow is the runothon so I'll be stretching tonight.

Sat 21 Mar - I hit the treadmill at 9 am sharp at Physical Park. The first 2 hours went by pretty quick. The treadmill seemed to be topped out at 12km/hour so I couldn't to my intervals but at least I could run just below race pace. I ran the first part at an easy pace and the last 4 miles at race pace to finish up my Q2 training for the week at least. Then it was a break while Eric took to the treadmill. I stretched and ate lunch. At 12:30 Bruno took over while we drew a prize for the donors and then it was my turn again at 2 pm. I ran another 10km and switched off yet again to spend some time with my kids and family who came out to visit us. For the last 45 minutes I cranked out an 8km on a faster machine. I did the last mile at race pace and it felt good even though I had more than 38 km done. Total for the day, 40 km in 3:45. See the comment on the runothon for more detail on how the day went.

Total weekly mileage : 106 km

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Saturday March 21st, we will be holding a unique fundraising event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hosted by Physical Park Gym in Vaudreuil. Myself and 2 fellow runners will tag team on a treadmill for 8 hours. Drop by the gym to see how far we can run, visit the facilities, make a donation, and maybe you'll win a free membership! Other prizes will be drawn as well.

Come out and support us! We hit the treadmill at 9 am sharp and we will draw the prizes at 5 pm. Hope to see you there!

For more information about Physical Park, you can visit their website :

And here's how it went...

What a great day!  We raised over $800 and ran 82.5 km in 8 hours on one treadmill (well sort of..) After about 6 hours of continuous use, our treadmill decided it didn't want to play anymore so we had to use another one...My goal was to run at an easy pace and complete my Q2 training, which I achieved.  I had plenty of time to eat, hydrate, and stretch when I wasn't running so it went pretty smoothly.  Eric was training to improve his speed in the half so he was running a little faster and also used the elevation settings to mix it up a bit.  He ran a little under 90 minutes and covered 17 km.  Bruno, our ultra runner, is a slow and steady guy.  He ran his 25 km and continued on another machine during his "breaks" to cover the entire 42 km marathon distance...All told we raised over $800 today in donations, talked to some great people, and hopefully inspired others by our activity.  This whole event couldn't have happened without the help of my two running buddies who donated their time, and even their money, to make this a success.  A huge thank-you goes out to the staff and members of Physical Park gym who opened their facilities to us and treated us like kings while we were there.  To Victoria and the gang, you are top notch!  I hope we do it again soon... Keep on running ;-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Training Recap #10

Sun 8 Mar - day of rest today. Went to Rigaud mountain to watch my girls spring skiing lesson. They are wanting to go faster, now. They will be dangerously reckless in no time - reminds me of me when I was their age......

Mon 9 Mar - Intervals today. I felt good. 10 km total. I also got a call from the local paper wanting to run a story (pardon the pun) about my fundraising. This is timely because Physical Park Gym has confirmed that we are a go for a Run-o-thon on March 21st! (check out the separate post for this event). One of the questions Andrea from the Gazette asked me got me thinking I should keep track of how much I have raised for the LLS from one marathon to another. And the tally for Disney, San Diego and Vancouver (as of today) is $14,676. Then she asked me if I was proud of myself. My answer is no. I can do more. We can do more...we can beat this disease. Just think of the power if just one or two people around you start to do something to make a difference. I want to be able to say I was part of a movement that actually made a difference - that beat cancer in my lifetime! Then I'll be proud. But that's just me. What makes you proud? What inspires you? Find that inspiration, and run with it (another unintended pun). Keep on runnning ;)

Tue 10 Mar - 3 miles race pace. Total 5km. This was a good running day, followed by some stretching, core exercises and 2 sets of chinups. I feel invigorated after a workout like today. I also booked all my massage sessions pre- and post-marathons in advance (I am looking forward to these deep-tissue sessions as they really make a difference). I read conflicting opinions about the best time for a massage after a marathon. Some say it is best right after - hence the massage stations at most events, while others say it is better to wait a couple of days before working on the muscle. Having done both, I must say I recovered faster when I waited before getting a massage. Although, it didn't do any harm (I suppose) when I had my shoulder worked on immediately after a marathon. My poor form sometimes causes me to develop a knot in my left trapezius muscle after a long run which can be compounded during high mileage weeks.

Wed 11 Mar - no run today, too many meetings at work. I hate missing runs - wish I didn't have to work. No, that's not true, I wish my work consisted of running...for the next few weeks I have to run 5 of 7 days to get my mileage is up, this might be problematic if work continues to cut into my lunch hours, or rather, run hours...Maybe I'll suggest we have these meetings at the gym...yeah, like that will ever happen. Keep on running ;)

Thu 12 Mar - Well I managed to get in half a run between meetings today (4.5 miles race pace). I felt strong, so that's good. I didn't have time for a shower so off I went in the metro after towelling off and changing back into my suit. I didn't put my jacket or coat on and I rolled up my sleeves. Even so, within a few minutes I must have looked like I was having a heart attack ; my cheeks were flushed, and sweat was pouring down my face, arms, and back. Must have been some sight. Anyway, small price to pay. I'll try to make up the race pace mileage tomorrow if I feel up to it after my threshold run....
Fri 13 Mar - TT run 6km + 1 mile race pace. 10km total. It was not easy to do these back to back ave. HR 144 bpm.
Sat 14 Mar - no run today. I took the girls to ballet and stretched while I waited.
Total weekly mileage : 33 km

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training recap #9

Sun 1 Mar - No run today. need the rest. Slept another 12 hours last night. The throat is still sore but I am no longer feverish.

Mon 2 Mar - Intervals today. I felt much better doing the 6x800m. I think the cold is beat, again. Total 10km today.

Tue 3 Mar - Cross-training today. Went free skating with the girls. I purposely work my adductors because they are somewhat neglected during all that running training.

Wed 4 Mar - 9 miles Race Pace today. I was home so I ran this training segment for the first time outside and in the Hudson area (lots of hills). I managed a 7:53 average pace despite the hills. My pace should be 7:26, so this was a bit slow but I am happy with my run today.

Thu 5 Mar - No run today. It is my sweetheart's bday. We went skating on the Rideau canal in Ottawa. Lucky for us - it was the last day the canal was open, and we didn't even know.

Fri 6 Mar - I was supposed to run a tempo run today but was too busy with meetings at work. My glutes are a little sore from skating yesterday.

Sat 7 Mar - Long run today. 17 miles. I should have run 27 today but my knee was feeling a little funky so I decided not to push it. It was a beautiful spring day and I headed out at 7 am. I was alone on the road. Only a car here and there. About 7 miles into my run I saw a dead fox lying frozen in a snowbank. This got me thinking about how lonely people can be and how terrible it must be to fight a disease like cancer when you are alone. On Thursday, I intended to meet with an old high school friend to pick up some DVDs she is donating to help me fundraise. Unfortunately she is also battling cancer and was not feeling well enough to meet me that day. Seeing the fox made me wonder if she is alone in her fight. I will have to reach out to her. It is thoughts like these that keep me running. For you see, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society offers help to individuals and families fighting blood cancers so that they don't have to be alone. I thought about her and all the others who need our help for the rest of my run, well almost. The last 2 miles were hill sprint repeats so I was pretty concentrated on my form and breathing as I sprinted up the hill. Keep on running ;)

Total weekly mileage : 52 km