Monday, May 25, 2009

Back in the saddle again...and some embedded circuit training

Well I got the green light for a progressive return to running, so during my lunch break today, I decided I would try out the treadmill during my workout.

After 20 minutes of riding at high rpm (105-110), I was sufficiently warmed up to jump on the mill and give it a go. I started out at 5.5 mph and almost immediately felt a little discomfort on the exterior of my knee. It wasn't painful so I figured maybe it was just a kink that needed to work itself out. After 2 minutes, I increased the speed to 6.5 mph and maintained a 90 foot-strikes per minute cadence. The feeling was still there but it did not seem to impact my form in any way so I kept going. Another 2 minutes and I upped my speed to 7.5 mph (which is my Easy pace of 8 min/mile). I maintained this pace for about 2 more minutes and decided to stop because the discomfort didn't go away and I don't want to delay my recovery (which I am already finding long).

This week, I planned to start my training for the Montreal marathon which includes 2 Easy days. On these days, I will be doing embedded circuit training. This is basically completing a circuit training in between 2 short easy runs. The objective is to get the heart rate up and maintain it at a higher level while doing the total body circuit exercises (cross-training) and then finishing off with a short easy run. In between each exercise set, you maintain your HR up by doing some aerobic activity for 30 seconds - this is the recovery part!

So here is what I did today:

12 x dips (on parallel dipping bar)
30 seconds rowing
8 chinups
30 seconds jump rope
20 pushups
30 seconds rowing
12 x 30 lbs dumbbell curls
30 seconds jump rope (my shorts kept coming down so I stopped doing this)
12 x front arm raises (20 lb dumbbells)
30 seconds rowing
25 incline situps

After I was done, I jumped on the treadmill for another 5 minutes at Easy pace. I would have liked to do 2 miles, as planned but I felt the tinge again so I didn't push it. Funny thing is that the discomfort disappeared as soon as I stopped. I have a Chiro appointment and another Physio appointment next week so I'll explain my experiment to them...

As for the circuit training, I have to say I enjoyed the intensity and efficiency of it. No time wasted waiting for machines or standing around resting. This workout is all business - which is pretty well suited to a lunchtime session. I will definitely be adding some exercises and doing this again.


Paul Bellard said...

Great to see the Embedded Training in use. How long have you used it for? Whats results are you getting from it?


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Patrick said...

Hi Paul,
We used it alot in the army but it has been 15 years and I didn't know what it was called back then - only that it was a kick-ass workout that looked simple enough and left us dog-tired.

I read about it last week and since my IT Band is bugging me, I figured it would be a simple and efficient workout that I can carry-over into my marathon training. I will report back on how it goes after the Montreal marathon in September.