Monday, June 8, 2009

Training recap week #23

First full week of training. I wanted to see if I could pick up my training and not aggravate my knee. It is still sensitive if I am sitting for too long and occasionally when I go down stairs. My physiotherapist tried a taping to realign my left kneecap on Monday. On Tuesday, I took it through its paces by running 5x800 threshold intervals. It seemed to do a good job and my knee felt secure. On Wednesday I did some aerobics with no problems at all. Thursday, I ran a Tempo pace 5k but I felt the tape had lost its effectiveness. I don't want to be having to tape my knee every other day so I bought a neoprene knee support on the way home. On Friday, I ran up and down mount Royal (10km Easy pace). This is my favorite run because I can really work on the ascents and coast on the way down. The knee support was not as good as the taping was but I did feel my knee less than without it. Friday night I did some stretching. On Saturday morning I ran the trails of Hudson. I intended to run 15km but running in the trails is not as fast as on the roads so I only managed 12km in the time I had scheduled. The knee support started sliding down and was becoming a nuisance. I will try to run without one next time or find a smaller one. All told, I am definitely not 100% yet and I am only 13 weeks away from the Montreal marathon. Since I will also be running New York on November 1st (7 weeks after Montreal), I think it would be more prudent to focus my training to peak for New York and only run the half in Montreal. That way I can gradually ease my mileage back up and ensure I put all the chances on my side for a PR in New York, injury-free.

Total weekly mileage : 37.5 km

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