Monday, July 13, 2009

Training recap week #29

Well I can safely say that my threshold intervals during my long run on Sunday were at the appropriate pace. I am feeling the lactate acid in my hamstrings today (Monday)! Rather than run, I did 30 minutes of stationary bike and stretched today. Tuesday, I had my appointment for a gait analysis. Funny thing, it appears my stride is more balanced and natural without my orthodic. I will experiment running without one to see if the pain in the knee remains...

I also found some stretches for my calves using the PNF technique. Seeing as I am still sore 2 days after my Q1 training, I will try these as well.

On Wednesday, I tried the PNF stretches a few times throughout the day. It really seems to get a deep stetch so I will continue this for sure. I did my Q2 training today as well - without my orthotic. I started out with a simple progressive warmup and I felt great. After ten minutes I did my first of 4 intervals of .75 miles at Interval pace (I should be running at 6:12 but I was content with 6:19). I felt smooth and was able to maintain my Pose form. By the end of each interval, I was ready for my 4-minute recovery, though.

Thursday, I did some embedded circuit training and Pose drills and Friday I ran the mountain to get my hill training in for the week.

I didn't run on the weekend. I was ready to go on Saturday morning and realized I didn't have my knee support nor the tape. I figured it would not be a good idea to run without it just yet so I did a 45 minute cross-training session instead comprised of stretching and free weights. I took advantage of the extra time to complete chores around the house and play with my kids.

Total weekly mileage: 31 km

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