Sunday, July 12, 2009

Training recap week #28

Monday I did some embedded circuit training and upped a few of the weights from the previous week. I did pose exercises to keep my heart rate up in between sets. Tuesday was my Q2 intervals: I couldn't do the prescribed 6 x 4 min. hard with 3 min. recoveries in between and still maintain the Pose technique. I set the treadmill at just slower than threshold pace and couldn't do more than 2 complete intervals . The third and fourth, I could only do quarter-mile intervals so for the fifth I brought the speed down a notch to just a bit slower than race pace and managed to do the entire 4 minute interval.

Wednesday I did some embedded circuit training and warmed up by an easy 2 mile run. Thursday, I had my doctor's appointment to diagnose my knee and to learn the taping technique from my physiotherapist. The doc confirmed it was an overuse condition but referred me to a specialist for a gait analysis. On Friday, I tried out the taping and ran the mountain. I enjoyed my hill training segments and the taping worked great - it is much less restrictive than the neoprene support. Another advantage of the Pose technique : as I ran the trails, I was more sure-footed landing on the balls of my feet versus my heels. I have rolled my ankle on more than one occasion in the past and landing on the ball makes the likelihood of that happening very slim. I landed on a rut and found a footing rather easily - had I landed there with my heel, I know I would have rolled it.

On Sunday I did my Q1 training (2 mi Easy, 6x 6min. T-pace with one-minute recoveries, 6 mi Easy). I felt good the entire 13 mi run but again, I could not manage to run as fast as my planned T-pace and still keep the Pose method (although I covered the distance in just over 2 hours, so I am getting faster and my heart rate only peaked at 84% of max during the intervals). I was doing the intervals at about 8 min/mi. and I finished up with seven strides on the way home. Afterward, I did 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out and did some AIS stretches on my hamstrings.

Total weekly mileage : 43.5 km

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