Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Training recap week #32

My training week on vacation was mostly filled with interval hill training, strength training in the weight room, hikes, and running in the pool.

Wednesday morning I did my Q2 training on the hills but only for 30 minutes. I was sucking wind on those hills! This was followed by 30 minutes in the gym.

On Saturday morning I ran to the top of Smugglers' Notch to watch the sun rise! I was a difficult run and I had to take 60-second walk breaks every five minutes or so, but I made it to the summit in 18 minutes. There were some extremely steep pitches to negotiate so I timed my walks accordingly. I only saw 2 other people on the hill that morning and they were walking up. After taking in the view and the peacefulness of the morning, I ran back down. It was extremely technical and I had to be very careful to maintain control. I also concentrated on keeping the Pose as much as possible. It took only about 9 minutes to reach my initial starting point!

Total weekly mileage: 8 km! (running only)

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