Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Training recap week #33

Back from holidays and back to the routine. I was too caught up catching up with work on Monday to do my cross-training. Tuesday I did my Q2 training (that just happened to go up a notch in intensity). There was an extreme storm watch so I decided to stick indoors. My training was to be 2 miles warmup followed by 4 intervals of 10 minutes at threshold pace with 2-minute rests in between and then a 2-mile easy cool down. I managed the first two intervals and took a 4-minute recovery in between, but I only had an hour for my training so I couldn't do the other 2 intervals. This was a very hard training and I am not sure I could have done the other two intervals anyway...I will try it again on Thursday. I realize that splitting my Q2 training into 2 sessions probably doesn't have the same benefit as doing it all in one shot but I am pretty confident that it still has some benefit. I will research this a bit more to find out...

Wednesday was cross-training day. 2-mile warmup, embedded circuit training, 1-mile cool down. I did some additional exercises in the circuit as well; weighted lunges and squats. By the end I was tired. The cool down mile run was definitely on fatigued legs but I was invigorated and felt like I accomplished something.

Thursday I did the remaning portion of my Q2 training only this time I followed the prescribed 2-minutes rests in between intervals. After work I headed off to Mont Tremblant for an early weekend!

Saturday I did my Q1 training. It was a long run intermixed with threshold workbouts throughout. After a warmup of 2 miles, I did 4 intervals of 5 minutes at threshold pace with 1-minute rests in between. Then it was one hour easy and 20 minutes at T-pace. I finished off with about 2 miles Easy and a couple of hill sprints. During the easy portion of the run I met up with Connie (one of the moms from the daycare). She was running with one of her friends so I jogged with them for a while until my threshold workbout started again. It was a glorious morning for a run but we could feel that the heat was coming fast. I was glad I was on the back end of my out-and-back.

Total weekly mileage : 51 km

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