Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mileage chart

Here is my weekly mileage chart. I will update this chart every couple of weeks.

There were a few tough weeks making it difficult to stick to plan because of some huge snow dumps and end of year deliverables at work but I'm back on track now....a few more weeks of strength training to go and then the speed work starts.

18 April update - started running on the mountain during weekdays again. It is great to be outside on the trails but still a bit messy with the run off. So many people outdoors just trying to make the best of the warm weather this week. Spring fever is definitely in the air!

9 May update - The endurance phase is completed and I started speed training last week. It is difficult to go faster than my marathon goal pace (MGP) - but I like the challenge - especially outside on the mountain trails. I will start incorporating distances of MGP in my long runs during the taper phase...I missed a total of one day's distance last week because I had to bring my daughter to the hospital - she had stiches but is fine now - a real trooper. It is hard to make up distance in such high mileage weeks - oh well, plans are plans (they change). My new mantra is "just keep running, just keep running!" - Thank you Dory from Finding Nemo.

3 June update - Well there it is. 2 marathons in 2 weeks. What an adventure! I felt strong throughout the San Diego course and even had negative splits (if I exclude the time I spent waiting and looking for my running partner - we got split up at the water station at mile 22 and never found each other again until the finish). It was a gorgeous morning and became very hot after the morning cloudcover burned away. I didn't drink enough during those last 4 miles and paid for it after the race was over. About twenty minutes after we were done, I got up to go to the washroom and nearly passed out! A check of my pulse indicated my blood pressure was low so a salt packet helped restore some electrolytes. It wasn't exhaustion because my pulse was normal. So I just lay on the ground for a while with my legs elevated anf restored some color to my face. It is a horrible feeling to see the world around you just go dark and there is nothing you can do about it. Back at the hotel I soaked in a cold bath and took a nap after lunch and I was in top shape for the victory party!

14 July update - Recovery training is complete. Back in training mode for the Montreal marathon in 62 days. Focus will be on improving speed once again this time. I would love to break the 3 hour barrier..Yesterday's long run went really well (27km) followed by short duration hill sprint repeats (8). Despite the pouring rain, I felt strong the whole way.

20 August update - Base and Strength training are completed and the start of speed training coincided with my vacation down south. Boy was it hot! It was hard to run outdoors and also to find a decent time during our vacation routine to put in some long runs. I still managed to run on seven of the ten planned training days but the total mileage was not there. That's ok, at least I got great weather during this time off!

28 September Update - Fourth marathon this year! See my entry entitled "Redemption" for details. The next couple of weeks will be recovery and then I'll focus on strength training while maintaining a mileage base before starting a specific program in preparation for Boston in the spring.

6 January Update - So that's it! 2008 will be remembered as the year I completed 4 marathons and logged over 2,100 kms! After Montreal, I really cut down on the running but still tried to get out three times a week to maintain a base. By December I had a new training plan and was focussing on Jack Daniel's Threshold Pace and Race Pace runs. I look forward to 2009 with hopefully at least another three marathons. Thanks to all those who encouraged me to keep running this past year!

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Andy said...

Looking good, Patrick - your site is fabulous and I look forward to watching your preparations for San Diego. Andrea