Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to my-SANA

Hi there and welcome to my new blog nicknamed SANA.
I chose this name because it means "sound" or "healthy" in latin.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences on my journey to achieving a balanced SANA in my life - a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Although I have been healthy my entire life, my journey consciously began in 2003 when I was uncomfortable with my weight and started exercising more regularly - with a purpose.

In the summer of 2005, I decided I would complete a marathon before my fourtieth birthday and this is where my training became focussed on running. Today, I have completed several marathons and my objective is to qualify for Boston by 2010. I have lost more than 30 pounds and have reached my target weight. I feel good and have never been in better physical shape in my entire life.

So that is the BODY part - What about the MIND? My journey is also one of education and awareness. I am learning how to train properly to achieve performance and avoid injury. I am learning about nutrition and the effects of foods on my training. I am also learning about the causes I support in my running. Lately, I have also began to share this knowledge through my newsletters and within my network.

And for the SPIRIT, I am running for a reason. I support causes when I run. I feel a social responsibility to improve this world we live in. My fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ( motivates me to keep training and to reach new levels, I have a sense of accomplishment knowing that the funds I have raised are improving the lives of those who are battling blood cancers and also helping the brightest researchers in their quest to find a cure.

So that's it. My blog will surely evolve over time as my SANA journey progresses; as I set new goals, reach new heights, hit some plateaus and forks in the road. My SANA is a journey - not a destination. I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me and I look forward to hearing stories about your own SANA journey.

Take care,


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