Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snowshoe runs

Here are a few pictures of my 1 Feb snowshoe run on the Whitlock golf course. While the snow was fresh and the temperature was mild, we can clearly see that snowshoes really permit the exploration of terrain not normally seen when running on the roads. I managed to ascend some rather steep hills and capture views of the Montérégie region from where I was, despite the grey skies. I will have to go back there on a clear day and see the difference.

Snowshoe running is a great workout. You really have to raise your knees to clear the deep snow. It sort of reminds me of those drills we used to do in soccer and volleyball practices - running on the spot as fast as we could by making sure our knees came up high enough to touch our hands while our elbows were bent 90 degrees. The coach would blow the whistle and we would go as fast as we could for what seemed like forever until the next whistle - it was probably really only about 10 seconds or so. Anyway, that is the type of work my legs were doing on this day in snowshoes...

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