Monday, February 2, 2009

Training recap #5

Sun 1 Feb - Day off today. Skating and skiing lessons for the girls. We then went to the Hudson Shiver Fest on Pine Lake and played in the snow. It is great to see the girls enjoying playing outside - I know I love it! After supper and putting the girls to bed, I relaxed to a couple beers and some Buffalo wings (guilt free because of my long run the day before) while watching the second half of the Super Bowl. I don't watch football often but it sure was a nailbiter! It brought back memories of when I played in college.
Mon 2 Feb - TI 8x800m - this is my last week of threshold intervals. They really did get easier as the weeks went by. My legs were a little stiff at the start but after a warm up, I was ready to go. My breathing and my cadence were right on the mark. I find I prefer the 3-3 method of breathing (in for three steps, out for three steps). I tried the 2-2 but didn't find I was breathing in deeply enough.
Tue 3 Feb - 10 km easy. Felt tired in the legs. Need to do some stretching at night.
Wed 4 Feb - Took the day off today. Worked through lunch. Had a chiro appointment that helped get rid of some kinks and stiffness in my neck and lower back. He notices I need some more flexibility in my quads and hamstrings. Dr. Butz showed me some new stretches to incorporate.
Thu 5 Feb - Felt more rested today. Ready to take on my training. 3 miles TT for a total 10km. It's amazing how good I feel after the run (wish I could say the same about during the run). Felt a little twinge in my left knee but it is gone now. I did about 15 minutes of stretching - my hamstrings and glutes are really tight.
Fri 6 Feb - Bad day at work.  I decided to forego the 10km race pace lunch run and get out of dodge early.
Sat 7 Feb - Had to bring the girls to ballet today.  Decided not to run.  Removed the snow off the roof because  it was still light.  Forecast called for rain overnght so it will be too late afterward.

Total weekly mileage : 31 km

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