Sunday, February 8, 2009

Training recap #6

Sun 8 Feb - Long run today between skating and skiing lessons for the girls. 22 miles (35.5 km). I felt good - finished in about 3:50. Shouldn't have worn the studded shoes today, the rain overnight left the roads cleared of snow but there were a few icy patches. It was 0C and sunny, but there was a gusty westerly wind. I'm glad I had my sunglasses on. I tried to do the last 10km at race pace but couldn't seem to get faster than 8:20 per mile. I decided to do glides on the last 10 hills - each was about 200 metres and I would accelerate up the hill concentrating on my form and then glide back into a coasting speed until the next one. I enjoyed doing these; it made the run seem interesting. Another thing I did today was do my loop in the opposite direction. By mixing it up, I had many more downhills throughout the run, albeit gradual descents, and also kept the hills for the end. My left knee seemed to bother me a bit, I will ice it tonight.
Mon 9 Feb - First day of Interval pace training. The principal purpose is to try to do as much work at the aerobic threshold by putting short recovery times between intervals. I was running at 9.5 mph or 6:10 min/mile. This was a very fast pace for me to sustain for 800m intervals. I managed on the first and recovered by a light jog for 3 minutes before starting the next one. I had to concentrate on my cadence and my breathing on the second one and decided to recover at 700m. The next two were equally difficult but I stuck it out. I noticed that it wasn't the recovery time that was difficult but rather the perceived limit in my ability to maintain such a pace for the entire distance. For the second to last interval I recovered at 700m and forced myself to complete the entire distance on the last one by slowing down a notch between 600 and 700m and then speeding up again for the last 100m. After that I did a really easy jog for 2 miles and then stetched my calves and IT band. My glutes were tender at the start of my workout but were fine afterward. This was a tough workout. I sure hope it will pay off!
Tue 10 Feb - Day off today. I wanted to exercise my core muscles and do some stretching, but I had to work through lunch instead.
Wed 11 Feb - Fighting a cold (again). My sinuses are congested. I was supposed to do my Q2 run today but I'll do it tomorrow instead.
Thu 12 Feb - 10 km race pace. I think the rest was due. I had a spring in my step for most of the run. I had my iPod but forgot my headphones, so no music to run to. I took advantage to concentrate on breathing and cadence. I wasn't uncomfortable or out of breath but it was not an easy pace to run to - I could see how more runs at this pace will help build my confidence and comfort level. After the run I did some core exercises and stretches. I felt great except for a little tension in my shins. I will stretch some more tonight. Ave HR 145 bpm.
Fri 13 Feb - TT run today (4 miles) felt good and strong. I mentally have to break up my run into smaller milestones to keep going. I usually sip water every five minutes, this is always a useful goal because in that 5 minutes I cover nearly a mile. After that, toward the end of my run, I often do a countdown - half mile, 4 tenths, 3, 2, 1...done. This technique breaks up the monotony, takes my mind off of the work and is rewarding at each of the sub-goals toward the finish. Total workout 10 km with warm up, TT, easy run, and cool down.
Sat 14 Feb - Valentine's day. Had to run errands and clean up the basement for the renovations today and then it was dinner "en famille".
Total weekly mileage : 65.5 km

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