Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Training recap week #16

Sun 19 Apr - No run today. Walked around town a bit, went to the aquarium with the girls and then thepre-race pasta dinner.

Mon 20 Apr - Boston marathon! see my separate post describing this wonderful event. What an experience!

Tue 21 Apr - No run today. My knee is still feeling funky. Other than that, I have no soreness or fatigue.

Wed 22 Apr - No running. Pain is isolated to the IT Band around the knee. I iced and stretched tonight.

Thu 23 Apr - 10 minutes warm up on bike followed by a 5-minute run test on the treadmill gradually increasing my speed to race pace. I could not sustain the tempo without losing my form from the pain. I stretched afterward and headed over to my massage therapy appointment. Much better afterward, she really worked the IT band and surrounding muscles. I am pretty sure this is the source of the discomfort. I will probably continue an ice and stretching regimen every night with cycling instead of running until the Vancouver marathon to make sure all systems are go.

Fri 24 Apr - 20 minutes on bike followed by 30 minutes core exercises and stretching. The knee is feeling much better. It was sore this morning (from the massage, I suppose) but after the bike, I felt I could run again, but I will stay true to my recovery plan to make sure it is really 100%. I iced for about 30 minutes total before going to bed tonight as well using a three times ten minute routine and drying off in between so as not to overfreeze and wet my couch.

Sat 25 Apr - Feeling stronger today. Spent most of the afternoon raking leaves in the gorgeous sun. Got my vitamin D dose....I stretched and iced while the Penguins eliminated the Flyers - Crosby is on fire! I am anxious to see how I will feel tomorrow as I am supposed to do a long run, but I don't want to undo this progress...
Total weekly mileage : 45 km

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