Monday, April 27, 2009

Training recap week #17

Sun 5 Apr - No run today. Worked on the garden, stretched, iced, and bought an IT band compression wrap. I will try it out tomorrow to see if it works.

Mon 6 Apr - 10 minute warmup on bike and I ran 1 mile gradually building up to race pace. I felt a little bit of soreness around my knee but my IT band is pretty loosened up now so I think it's residual inflamation. The compression wrap didn't feel too awkward. I think I might have put it too high up above my knee because I am not sure I isolated the band, really. I had one last massage therapy session before Vancouver and she really worked my legs deep tissue. I will have to maintain the new loosenes but also work more on stretching my hip flexors which are now the tighter muscles on my legs...

Tue 7 Apr - 20 minute bike and stretching.

Wed 8 Apr - 20 minute rowing and stretching.  I also did some core exercises and some flys.

Thu 9 Apr - No workout today.

Fri 10 Apr - Travel to Vancouver.  I went to the pool and gym to stretch a bit after dinner.

Sat 11 Apr - Went to the pool before breakfast to relax my muscles a bit.  I feel confident for tomorrow.

Total weekly mileage : 0 km (I am not counting my run test)

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