Sunday, April 12, 2009

Training recap week #15

Sun 12 Apr - Happy Easter! We had an egg hunt for the girls and a family brunch. The pink Mumm champagne looked and smelled yummy. I wish I could have had some. After the company left, I headed out for my long run. I thoroughly enjoyed my run today and covered the 26km circuit with ease. I finished up with 5 strides up my street. Tomorrow I have the girls at home so it will have to be cross-training and stretching. Keep on running ;-)

Mon 13 Apr - Spent the day moving stuff around in preparation for a fundraiser garage sale, stretched, and finally had enough room to use my weight bench for the first time in at least 8 months! I also watched some Boston marathon videos on the web. I am psyched to get to Beantown!

Tue 14 Apr - 6 miles race pace and an hour-long sports massage! What a great prep day!

Wed 15 Apr - 6 more miles race pace. I stretched for about an hour tonight.

Thu 16 Apr - Had to stay home from work today to bring Jade to the clininc for an ear infection....Aaaargh these damn viruses are nasty this year! No run today. We also had our TNT potluck and motivation session tonight. It was nice to see the gang and also put faces to names of participants I don't know. There were many first time marathoners. I remember my anxiety before my first marathon - I didn't have the benefit of a coach back then but listening to them now makes me realize that their wisdom makes so much sense and the value of what they say is really only appreciated when you understand how hard it can be not to have their advice. Keep on running ;-)

Fri 17 Apr  - 5 km run today. I tried to keep it fun so I did a ladder starting just below race pace and increasing my speed every half mile until I reached threshold pace which I maintained for a half-mile and then back down just below race pace. I enjoyed it and afterward I had a massage therapist give me a 15 minute chair massage to work out the knot in my left shoulder. It's not really there, yet, but as a preventative measure it pays off because I know it comes around when I reach the 3-hour mark on race day.
Sat 18 Apr - Drive to Boston today. Spent a good part of the afternoon at the Sports and Fitness Expo. Bought some essential gear like RaceReady shorts and my Boston marathon jacket that I will only wear as of Monday when I have finished the marathon.
Total weekly mileage : 51 km

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