Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Training recap week #27

Monday I did some embedded circuit training. My knee was a little wonky from Sunday's run so rather than sandwiching the circuit between easy runs, I did 20 minutes cycle and 10 minutes rowing instead. To keep my heart rate up between exercises, I skipped rope - I am getting much better at it now. I also noticed that the reps were easier with the weights I had used in previous workouts so I made a note to increase them for the next session. Monday night I did some core exercises before going to bed early. I also received my Pose method video in the mail so I will be integrating some of the exercises in my circuit training be replacing some of the rope skipping.

Tuesday was my Q2 training: Intervals on the mountain - 4 minutes hard followed by 3 minutes easy. I did this for the entire route of 10 km.

On Wednesday (Canada day) I stayed home and worked on the property - I moved rocks around for about 2 hours. This was very good weight training and I am so glad I finally got it done!

Thursday I ran the mountain and incorporated hill training. I did 6 repeats of a quarter-mile and brought my heart rate up past 100% on more than one occasion. I also concentrated on making sure I maintained the Pose technique during this run.

Friday, I did my second session of embedded circuit training. In between each exercise, I incorporated the Pose technique exercises. As a warm up I did 2 miles at an easy pace (8 min/mi) but it was not at all easy using the Pose technique - I am still not sufficiently accustomed to it yet. For a cool down I did 2 km on the concept2 rower. Here are my circuit training sets :

Bicep curl (35 lbs DB) x 12
Tricep Kickback (20 lb DB) x 12
Incline Press (55 lb DB) x 12
Dips x 12
Bench press (55 lb DB) x 12
Lat pull down (95 lb) x 12
Single leg press (4 plates) x 15
Leg curls (75 lb) x 15

I really didn't feel much like working out today but I felt like a million bucks afterward! The Pose exercises are really hard and I felt awkward doing them. I will have to do these much more often.

Saturday was a day off and Sunday I did my Q1 run which was 20 minutes Easy, followed by 20 minutes Hard, followed by another 20 minutes Easy. Afterward I stretched for 20 minutes.

Total weekly mileage : 33 km

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