Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Training recap week #39

It has not been a good week for training. I am pre-occupied by work and I am tired from working late at night. I slipped in a short run on Friday out of principle but that was it for the week.

Funny thing, after a 1-mile warm-up, I ran one mile at T-Pace and I felt tightness in my calves very quickly. It seems I hadn't fully recovered from the Army run on the weekend.

I didn't even run on the following weekend because it was my daughter's birthday party and we had a christening to attend on Sunday.

So all in all, the week was a wash :-(

As much as I was confident at the start of the week, my polar reminds me every day that the New York Marathon is just around the corner, and I am worried I will not PB it. I just need to get past the Hudson Harrier Race (for which I am the Race Director) on October 3rd, and then I can concentrate on prepping for NYC.

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