Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Strike a POSE

Okay, so here is the skinny.  I have been yammering on about this knee for at least 6 weeks now.  Physiotherapy, Chiropracty, rest, cross-training, strength training, massage, stretching, taping, knee support, ice, yada yada yada.  You get it, my bad for overtraining. Now I have to pay the piper.  Right? Well, I have news for you!  I have heard about the Pose method for some time now.  I never really knew much about it so yesterday, I decided to do a little research when I came across this little claim that impact on the knees is reduced by 50% and that running injuries are reduced dramatically when this method is used.  After visiting many sites and some YouTube videos on drills to get used to the method, I finally found a site that explains the theory behind it and with video demonstrations.  

After watching this, the drill videos suddenly made sense and I had to try it out for myself.  This afternoon, I headed off to the local track and tried to remember the three principles (POSE, FALL, PULL) as I did some laps.  I didn't have my Polar with me nor was I wearing any knee support.  As soon as I started the method, I noticed how little impact I was making on my knees and legs in general.  I decided to do intervals (400m POSE, Threshold pace - at least from an exertion only perspective, followed by a 200m recovery shuffle).  I did 8 intervals and felt great! Don't get me wrong, I was working out there on the track ; working on thinking about form (head, hips, foot, arms, looking ahead, etc.);  working on the pull instead of push off; working on landing on the balls of my feet, behind the knees, working on maintaing a seemingly insane cadence; and working my heart- for sure!  But my knee was not working.  My knee was not sending my brain any signals of oncoming pain.  My knee did not feel wonky, or like it was going to give out. My knee was at peace and enjoying the ride that my feet were providing.

After this brief session of about 5km, I headed home and immediately ordered the training video to be sure I learn this method correctly.  I will undoubtedly be filming my form very soon to see if I am improving.  It is a bit of a stretch to say I am convinced after only one try but I will definitely give this method the chance to make me a more efficient and healthy runner.  Please stay tuned for more on my POSE journey and I wonder why I had to wait until now to go down this path.  Oh well, live and learn,......and keep running ;-)

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