Monday, June 15, 2009

Training recap week #24

Last Saturday I ran the trails in Hudson for my long run. I didn't wear my trail shoes but I should nice white NB882s are no longer white. The trails were a little slick in spots as I explored the backcountry in preparation for this year's Harrier race. The black flies and mosquitos were also out and were eager to indulge whenever I slowed down. All told, I covered about 7.5 miles during this first long run and the knee held up pretty good. The knee support was a little loose so I kept fiddling with it. On Monday, I switched it for a smaller one and did an easy 5 km on the treadmill - this support was much better. Tuesday, I ran 6x800 threshold intervals with 1 min. rest in between. It was tough but I so enjoy this type of training because you can compartmentalize it into manageable workbouts. On Wednesday, I ran to the summit of Mount Royal and back down. Another test for my knee...not bad at all. I couldn't maintain the same pace throughout but I pushed myself on the ascent and must have maintained an average 9:40min/mi pace . Coming back down it was more in the 8 min/mi range. Thursday was a day off and Friday I did embedded circuit training in between two short 2 mile runs. I did not run on the weekend but rather did some strength training. All told it was a good week. I think I could take it up a notch now.

Total weekly mileage : 28 km

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