Thursday, June 25, 2009

Training recap week #26

On Tuesday I ran the mountain by doing 4x800 threshold intervals while on the trails. This was a bit tricky to maintain the threshold pace but it was fun to see how fast I could go on the uphills and also trying to maintain the Pose technique. I also did 2 sets of the mountain stairs (250 steps each) and then jogged back to the gym for a total of 5 miles. Wednesday was a holiday so I spent the day with the family and I tried out an Aquajogger belt in my neighbour's pool. I will find time to fit in some of these workouts over the summer and write about it a little more detail. It seems promising - coming from someone that usually floats 3 inches below the surface! Thursday was threshold tempo day. I am starting to get the Pose technique much easier now. After a one-mile warmup, I cranked the treadmill to a speed a tad slower than my calculated threshold pace and ran 3 miles (7 min/mi). I followed this with a cooldown of a half-mile at max elevation at a brisk walking pace and another half-mile of steady jog for a total of 5 miles. I am starting to enjoy how slight changes in my posture could really influence my speed. Friday, I skipped out early to tend to my sick family and Saturday was nothing but thundershowers, so I did my long run on Sunday instead. 12 miles of Pose practice. My heart rate is not as high anymore but I think I should be able to pick up the pace now. I covered the distance in 2 hours flat which means I averaged a 10 min/mi. pace. According to Jack Daniels, my Easy pace should be about 2 min/mi. slower than my race pace so I should be doing my long runs at 9:25 min/mi. I will try to pick up the pace in future long runs.

Total weekly mileage : 36 km

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