Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Saturday March 21st, we will be holding a unique fundraising event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hosted by Physical Park Gym in Vaudreuil. Myself and 2 fellow runners will tag team on a treadmill for 8 hours. Drop by the gym to see how far we can run, visit the facilities, make a donation, and maybe you'll win a free membership! Other prizes will be drawn as well.

Come out and support us! We hit the treadmill at 9 am sharp and we will draw the prizes at 5 pm. Hope to see you there!

For more information about Physical Park, you can visit their website : http://www.physicalpark.com/index_english.html

And here's how it went...

What a great day!  We raised over $800 and ran 82.5 km in 8 hours on one treadmill (well sort of..) After about 6 hours of continuous use, our treadmill decided it didn't want to play anymore so we had to use another one...My goal was to run at an easy pace and complete my Q2 training, which I achieved.  I had plenty of time to eat, hydrate, and stretch when I wasn't running so it went pretty smoothly.  Eric was training to improve his speed in the half so he was running a little faster and also used the elevation settings to mix it up a bit.  He ran a little under 90 minutes and covered 17 km.  Bruno, our ultra runner, is a slow and steady guy.  He ran his 25 km and continued on another machine during his "breaks" to cover the entire 42 km marathon distance...All told we raised over $800 today in donations, talked to some great people, and hopefully inspired others by our activity.  This whole event couldn't have happened without the help of my two running buddies who donated their time, and even their money, to make this a success.  A huge thank-you goes out to the staff and members of Physical Park gym who opened their facilities to us and treated us like kings while we were there.  To Victoria and the gang, you are top notch!  I hope we do it again soon... Keep on running ;-)

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Patrick said...

And the raffle winners are :

3 month gym membership - Marc Dagenais
3 month gym membership - Carmelle l'Italien
Facial - Viviane Quane
Manicure - Ghislaine Pressoir

Enjoy your prizes and thank-you so much for your support!