Monday, March 9, 2009

Training Recap #10

Sun 8 Mar - day of rest today. Went to Rigaud mountain to watch my girls spring skiing lesson. They are wanting to go faster, now. They will be dangerously reckless in no time - reminds me of me when I was their age......

Mon 9 Mar - Intervals today. I felt good. 10 km total. I also got a call from the local paper wanting to run a story (pardon the pun) about my fundraising. This is timely because Physical Park Gym has confirmed that we are a go for a Run-o-thon on March 21st! (check out the separate post for this event). One of the questions Andrea from the Gazette asked me got me thinking I should keep track of how much I have raised for the LLS from one marathon to another. And the tally for Disney, San Diego and Vancouver (as of today) is $14,676. Then she asked me if I was proud of myself. My answer is no. I can do more. We can do more...we can beat this disease. Just think of the power if just one or two people around you start to do something to make a difference. I want to be able to say I was part of a movement that actually made a difference - that beat cancer in my lifetime! Then I'll be proud. But that's just me. What makes you proud? What inspires you? Find that inspiration, and run with it (another unintended pun). Keep on runnning ;)

Tue 10 Mar - 3 miles race pace. Total 5km. This was a good running day, followed by some stretching, core exercises and 2 sets of chinups. I feel invigorated after a workout like today. I also booked all my massage sessions pre- and post-marathons in advance (I am looking forward to these deep-tissue sessions as they really make a difference). I read conflicting opinions about the best time for a massage after a marathon. Some say it is best right after - hence the massage stations at most events, while others say it is better to wait a couple of days before working on the muscle. Having done both, I must say I recovered faster when I waited before getting a massage. Although, it didn't do any harm (I suppose) when I had my shoulder worked on immediately after a marathon. My poor form sometimes causes me to develop a knot in my left trapezius muscle after a long run which can be compounded during high mileage weeks.

Wed 11 Mar - no run today, too many meetings at work. I hate missing runs - wish I didn't have to work. No, that's not true, I wish my work consisted of running...for the next few weeks I have to run 5 of 7 days to get my mileage is up, this might be problematic if work continues to cut into my lunch hours, or rather, run hours...Maybe I'll suggest we have these meetings at the gym...yeah, like that will ever happen. Keep on running ;)

Thu 12 Mar - Well I managed to get in half a run between meetings today (4.5 miles race pace). I felt strong, so that's good. I didn't have time for a shower so off I went in the metro after towelling off and changing back into my suit. I didn't put my jacket or coat on and I rolled up my sleeves. Even so, within a few minutes I must have looked like I was having a heart attack ; my cheeks were flushed, and sweat was pouring down my face, arms, and back. Must have been some sight. Anyway, small price to pay. I'll try to make up the race pace mileage tomorrow if I feel up to it after my threshold run....
Fri 13 Mar - TT run 6km + 1 mile race pace. 10km total. It was not easy to do these back to back ave. HR 144 bpm.
Sat 14 Mar - no run today. I took the girls to ballet and stretched while I waited.
Total weekly mileage : 33 km

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