Sunday, March 29, 2009

Training recap week #13

Sun Mar 29 - No run today. Brought the girls skating and started spring cleaning around the house. Played Dance Revolution on the Wii - I am really not good but it is a great workout!

Mon 30 Mar - 9 miles race pace. I still have that nagging knot in my left shoulder. I tried auto-massage and rolling on a tennis ball but it persists. I know this will become a nagging pain in Boston so I will keep working on it every night. Today I did some chin ups and static stretches from the chin up bar to try and reach the muscle. It is a little better but not completely gone yet.

Tue 31 Mar - 6 miles race pace. Shoulder seems a little looser today. I'll keep working at it. I am starting to feel comfortable at race pace. The test is really whether I can sustain it for 3+ hours...I really get hot after just one hour at this pace, so a good hydration strategy will be critical during the marathon.

Wed 1 Apr - April fools! no run today.

Thu 2 Apr - 8 km TT run.  10 km total.  I had to walk for a minute on two occasions.  I think I am getting tired.  I will have to get to bed earlier...

Fri 3 Apr - 6x800 Intervals.  I felt strong running these today and progressively increased my speed at each interval.  I ran the last two km (cool down after the intervals) at just under race pace to bring the total to 10km for the workout then I did some calf and leg stretches.  I looked at the Boston marathon route for the first time today - I got my registrants kit in the mail yesterday - I am really looking forward to this experience....

Sat 4 Apr  - Day off today.  Started spring cleaning in the house.  I have to put some stuff together to ring to the TNT garage sale next weekend.  I also have to look into putting together a learn to run training plan for some of Chantal's work colleagues.  This should be a fun experience and I m looking forward it.

Total weekly mileage : 45 km

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