Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training recap #9

Sun 1 Mar - No run today. need the rest. Slept another 12 hours last night. The throat is still sore but I am no longer feverish.

Mon 2 Mar - Intervals today. I felt much better doing the 6x800m. I think the cold is beat, again. Total 10km today.

Tue 3 Mar - Cross-training today. Went free skating with the girls. I purposely work my adductors because they are somewhat neglected during all that running training.

Wed 4 Mar - 9 miles Race Pace today. I was home so I ran this training segment for the first time outside and in the Hudson area (lots of hills). I managed a 7:53 average pace despite the hills. My pace should be 7:26, so this was a bit slow but I am happy with my run today.

Thu 5 Mar - No run today. It is my sweetheart's bday. We went skating on the Rideau canal in Ottawa. Lucky for us - it was the last day the canal was open, and we didn't even know.

Fri 6 Mar - I was supposed to run a tempo run today but was too busy with meetings at work. My glutes are a little sore from skating yesterday.

Sat 7 Mar - Long run today. 17 miles. I should have run 27 today but my knee was feeling a little funky so I decided not to push it. It was a beautiful spring day and I headed out at 7 am. I was alone on the road. Only a car here and there. About 7 miles into my run I saw a dead fox lying frozen in a snowbank. This got me thinking about how lonely people can be and how terrible it must be to fight a disease like cancer when you are alone. On Thursday, I intended to meet with an old high school friend to pick up some DVDs she is donating to help me fundraise. Unfortunately she is also battling cancer and was not feeling well enough to meet me that day. Seeing the fox made me wonder if she is alone in her fight. I will have to reach out to her. It is thoughts like these that keep me running. For you see, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society offers help to individuals and families fighting blood cancers so that they don't have to be alone. I thought about her and all the others who need our help for the rest of my run, well almost. The last 2 miles were hill sprint repeats so I was pretty concentrated on my form and breathing as I sprinted up the hill. Keep on running ;)

Total weekly mileage : 52 km

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