Monday, March 16, 2009

Training recap week #11

Sun 15 Mar - Long run today. What a gorgeous day it was. After the girls skating practice, I headed out and intended to do my usual long loop but about 3 km in I crossed a fellow runner and recognized my friend Deon (he is training for the Ottawa half marathon). I asked him if he wanted me to run with him and he welcomed the idea. His usual running partner had other obligations so he couldn't make it. We ran together for about an hour and then I continued on my way. At this point, I decided to do most of my loop in the opposite direction so that I had more downhills at the beginning and uphills at the end. This is more like the Boston course and downhill runs can really take their toll if you are not trained to do them. I ran 25 miles in 4 hours which is a very slow pace but in the end, my thighs really got a good workout. I could also feel the fatigue in my groin area (fast twitch pelvic muscles). After I got home I did some stretching (with the help of my daughters) and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Mon 16 Mar - Legs were a little tender this morning but otherwise okay. I ran my 6x800 intervals without a hitch. I need to stretch more, though. Total 10 km.

Tue 17 Mar - St. Patty's day! We were all dressed in green today. I did a short 6 km race pace run before heading home after a meeting-filled day.

Wed 18 Mar - No run today. Had to work. I stretched for 30 minutes while American Idol was on. They really stretch out those elimination shows to the must be agonizing for the participants.

Thu 19 Mar - No run again today. Why are these work crunches so poorly timed? I have to get at least my Q2 9 mile race pace run in before Saturday...I read the story about my running in the Hudson Gazette today - it's pretty funny. I'll post it on the blog tomorrow. Tonight I'll at least stretch some more.

Fri 20 Mar - I had time to do a 6mile race pace run today. I felt good to be running again. Tomorrow is the runothon so I'll be stretching tonight.

Sat 21 Mar - I hit the treadmill at 9 am sharp at Physical Park. The first 2 hours went by pretty quick. The treadmill seemed to be topped out at 12km/hour so I couldn't to my intervals but at least I could run just below race pace. I ran the first part at an easy pace and the last 4 miles at race pace to finish up my Q2 training for the week at least. Then it was a break while Eric took to the treadmill. I stretched and ate lunch. At 12:30 Bruno took over while we drew a prize for the donors and then it was my turn again at 2 pm. I ran another 10km and switched off yet again to spend some time with my kids and family who came out to visit us. For the last 45 minutes I cranked out an 8km on a faster machine. I did the last mile at race pace and it felt good even though I had more than 38 km done. Total for the day, 40 km in 3:45. See the comment on the runothon for more detail on how the day went.

Total weekly mileage : 106 km

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